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Saving Snacks for Fernando Poe Jr. [Flashback* 08/08/2013]


Lolo, grandpa, my father-in-law is saving snacks for Fernando Poe, Jr. There’s only one problem with that.  Fernando, the Philippines’ greatest action hero,  is dead. FPJ passed away on  December 14, 2004. But that doesn’t dissuade poor Lolo, afflicted with Alzheimer’s,  from saving all his munchies for Da King.  My wife’s elderly father, 80, has been  stashing snacks into the Comfort Room, CR, so Fernando can enjoy a  tasty tidbit after taking a pee. FPJ

(Filipino Action King Fernando Poe Jr.    Photo Source:

But Lola,  The Giant Lizard Killer, has caught on. My mother-in-law knew her estranged husband (they’ve been separated for years), was going to the CR, located next to her bedroom, and smuggling snacks for FPJ and hiding them. But she couldn’t catch him in the act. Lolo would wait until she retired for the evening and shut her bedroom door. 

Since my mother-in-law is almost deaf, like my father-in-law, she can’t hear anything once that bedroom door is closed. She can’t hear anything once it’s open, either.  The sly Lolo knows this and saw it as the perfect time to transfer the treats.

Da King

(Photo Source:

But Lola didn’t just fall off the pineapple wagon. She hatched a plan. The other night, my mother-in-law went into her bedroom to retire for the evening and closed the door, per her routine. But she outfoxed Lolo! She waited a few minutes minute after shutting her door and quickly opened it, catching my father-in-law in the Comfort Room trying to hide some food for Fernando.

“What are you doing!” she shouted. “Fernando does not want those snacks. Get out of there!”

Lolo beat a hasty retreat, goodies in hand. He would rather face the wrath of a hungry Fernando Poe Jr, spirit or not,  than antagonize  Lola.  A wise decision on his part.  

5 thoughts on “Saving Snacks for Fernando Poe Jr. [Flashback* 08/08/2013]

  1. Great story Dave!
    That made my day, maybe my whole week even.
    May put something out tonight for Marilyn Monroe to snack on, just in case.

  2. Dave,
    Got a chuckle out of it. Lola is still sly for her age. Dave, I’m curious what kind of snack was Lolo sneaking in the CR for Fernando?

  3. Damn funny story!!!!

    Fernando Poe Jr is actually one of my favorite filipino actors. I have watched many of his older movies, even though I didn’t have much of a clue what was being said.

    He certainly was a bad ass in those movies.

    We need more Lolo and Lola stories….very funny…with a slight twinge of sadness added in.

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