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Progress Report: New Home Construction in the Philippines [Flashback* 02.19.2015]

a look at our new house construction in the Philippines

Progress Report: New Home Construction in the Philippines. It’s been three weeks since my last report and I’m pleased with the progress our crew has made thus far. After a trip to the States, I visited our job site along with my asawa the other day and took the following pictures. Most of the exterior walls have been built and work on the interior walls has begun. 


Storage area for materials


This tarp-covered structure provides a storage area for materials, such as bags of concrete. Our 20-man crew also take refuge from the summer heat during their break times. The work force has increased from 13 accounting for some of the progress made on our new home in the Philippines. Previously, we had been given a timetable of five to six months for our new 3,000+ square ft. house to be built but our foreman has recently indicated to us that he wants to finish the project as soon as possible. If it takes more workers, I’m all in favor of that. The quicker my father-in-law, afflicted with dementia, can get relocated in his new nipa hut on our property, the better.

My father-in-law attacked my wife and our 16-year-old domestic helper while I was gone in the States. My asawa’s right arm is severely scratched and bruised as a result of the incident. My spouse’s father was trying to leave the property and if not stopped, would wander off our location at “The Farm,” as he has tried numerous times in the past.


long shot view of our new home in the Philippines


Plenty of cement and hollow blocks have gone into the construction thus far. Trucks will soon be delivering soil to level the inside of the structure, 90 truck loads measuring 5.5 cubic feet of dirt each load and costing a total of around 90,000 pesos.


our new home in the Philippines

Here’s a another view of the construction.

inside view of the construction of our new home in the Philippines

A look at the interior of our new home in the Philippines.

A closer look at our new house in the Philippines

Another angle. Our crew works six days a week with Sundays off.

close up view our arched windows


Here’s a view of the arched windows we requested in our design plan. The wooden arches used for the cement forms have now been removed. My asawa wanted arched windows throughout our new house and she’s getting them.
Another look at our new home in the Philippines


Another look at the new construction.


steel trusses for our new home in the Philippines

Steel trusses have been delivered and the welding work on the trusses has begun. One crew will work on the trusses while the rest of the crew continue work on building the interior walls. I will return to the site in about a week and take more photos and post them. So far, so good.

4 thoughts on “Progress Report: New Home Construction in the Philippines [Flashback* 02.19.2015]

  1. Hi Dave

    I am glad to see your comment feature is now up again. I tried to comment a few days ago when I got to Guimaras and thought maybe I wasn’t smart enough to figure out how to comment here :0.

    I have been in the Philippines since February 1st and started in Cebu city, Dumaguete, Bacolod, Iloilo, and now at Raymen resort on Guimaras. I have to admit I really like Guimaras! I haven’t seen a beach in the Philippines since I got here up to now. Nice breezes along the island, sweet mangoes, and no traffic! I will be staying at Raymen resort until Friday morning and then head back to Iloilo again to get my extension at BIR before heading to Boracay for 2 weeks.

    I have a bunch of questions for you…

    First off, why are there no public garbage cans in the Philippines? (Are they worried about people stealing them to build houses with??). I normally have to walk for an hour with my garbage in my hand until I find a 7-Eleven garbage can. No wonder there is litter everywhere!

    I read where you bought .7 of a hectare on Guimaras in a private deal (IE no realtors). What is the going rate per hectare on Guimaras or the Philippines for that matter?

    Also what do you think the estimated cost of your 2500sqmtr house going to cost once completed? Obviously labour is cheap. Or how much per square meter does a contractor charge to build a house like yours?

    Also I read where your father in law is in stage 6 of alzheimers. I follow Dr Joel Wallachs work and he recommends alzheimer patients to eat lots of eggs everyday as our brains are 70% cholesterol and many get back there memories. Something you might want to research online about (He might stop talking to his dead friends ;)).


  2. hi dave , looks good the building works does it flood in that area ,problem in
    manila most of the drains are to small thats why we used a lot of soil and rubble to make the house flood proof works great,only other problem termites
    you have to check your house every year ,thats part of the fun of living in
    the philippines derek in sunny pasig

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