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Pool Project Progresses in the Philippines [Flashback* 05.07.2016]

our new pool in the philippines guimaras

Our pool project progresses in the Philippines. It’s been a month since I first gave an update on this major undertaking at our new home in the Philippines. Our five-man construction crew has been working hard under a torrid summer sun with temperatures now approaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer has hit our mango island province of Guimaras but the humidity thus far only stands at 59%. The average humidity for the island province we call home is 86%. longshot of our new pool in the philippines

Our workers have started laying down a concrete sidewalk which will surround the pool area. A separate crew from Iloilo has installed the necessary pipes and pumps for the project. All the walls, six inches thick, have now been completed.

The walls have been mixed with a product called “Sikalite ®”  and is used for protection against water penetration and recommended to us by several builders. It comes in 800 gram packages at 24 pesos a bag. We purchased 300 bags for our project at Central Hardware in Iloilo.

One pack of Sikalite ® should be mixed to one bag of 40 kg Portland cement.

here is another look at the drainage area for our new pool in the philippines

Here’s a look at a small retaining wall built around the pool area which help keep the monsoon rains out. The entire area above the hollow blocks will be paved and has drain pipes already installed.

a look at our pool and our new home in the philippines

A view of the retaining wall with our house and dirty kitchen in the background.

a drainage area surrounds our new pool in the philippines

Another picture of the pool’s interior. Again, the dirt path you see that encircles the pool will be paved making a nice pathway for the new pool area.

the island in our new pook in the philippines

There will be a small “island” in the center of our swimming pool in the Philippines. In the middle of the island will be a small champagne palm tree. The island will be built to look similar to the design shown below.

pool designs photos

Here’s a look at one of the views from our new pool area. The tree shown in the foreground may be cut down if I can convince my asawa to part with it. It will certainly shed leaves into the water at one point and in my opinion, somewhat blocks our view. However, convincing my spouse to part with one tree, flower or plant will be a hard sell. I might have to offer her an opportunity to buy a new tree to replace this one.

another view of our new pool in the philippines

7 thoughts on “Pool Project Progresses in the Philippines [Flashback* 05.07.2016]

  1. Dave,

    Looks like it’s progressing well. Is there a date for completion yet? Summer sure is beginning as we used our fan in the bedroom for the first time since Oct.

  2. There are pools and there are pools – but that’s a pool!

    My wife dreams of a pool when we live in the Philippines. I am OK with it but would just as soon stay at the beach. But looking at the pic of your final fantasy – well I could sure give up the beach for that!

  3. Hi Dave, pool looks great or the bees knees has they say, I’m sure you’re going to have great fun and it’s great exercise swimming, joined a gym a few weeks ago
    Man it’s hard work 3 times a week but feel better for it, wife said I drink to much
    I blame the rice lol stopped smoking over 20 years ago damnd if I’m going to stop
    Drinking not in this heat Manila certainly got hotter this week,
    Air conditioning back on in the bedroom now,Derek in pasig.

  4. Looking good Dave! Will be nice to walk out of the house and just dive in. My back aches just thinking about all of the shoveling it must have taken to move all that dirt. Some hard working Filipino’s for sure.

  5. Hey Dave..the pool is looking great ! , just what you need for the long & hot summer days.. Whats the rough estimate of your costs..Is the maintenance much of an issue..? Your definitely living in style for Guimaras !.. regards Nick in Vancouver

  6. Pool looks real nice,you should make a little putting green in the middle.fantastic job you guys have done on the house and grounds

  7. hi sir dave,

    hows the status of your swimming pool today..have you started doing water proofing?kindly take a picture for the latest progress of construction.

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