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Tanduay Rhum & Guimaras Health Station [Flashback* 06/30/2019]

We were leaving our house the other day. Another shopping trip to our local market in beautiful downtown San Miguel, Jordan in Guimaras. I happened to check our rear left tire. It was low. Took a closer look. There was a big screw embedded in the tire. As a result, we headed out to our local SeaOil station to get some air for the tire. Then we would visit our local vulcanizing outfit to have the tire repaired.

When I was driving I would say to the pump jockey: “Fill ‘er up!” Maybe it was my English slang. The attendants never understand that term. In contrast, my wife uses the phrase “full tank, please” in English and always gets results.

Ford Ranger XLT AT in the Philippines

After our XLT Aurora Blue Ford Ranger was gassed up, the attendant checked our tires. The left rear tire was definitely low. After getting some air in the tire, my wife drove to the vulcanizing shop.

A man was already at the shop ahead of us having a motorcycle tire repaired. While we waited I snapped the following advertising sign:


(The tire repair? Only 75 pesos, $1.50 US dollars. My wife gave him 100 pesos and told him to keep the change.)

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