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The Ultrasound Results. The Mammogram Verdict

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Sunday arrives and my wife and I head out again on the pump boat from Jordan Wharf in Guimaras on our fourth straight day to Iloilo.  Received a disturbing mammogram report the day before at Doctor’s Hospital in Iloilo. The results stated the following: “SUSPICIOUS BILATERAL BREAST NODULES. ULTRASOUND SUGGESTED FOR FURTHER EVALUATION.” The Mammogram Verdict

I had done some research online the night before that confirmed what a doctor had told us the day before that such results are common with women as they get older (my asawa is a young-looking 46), and those results are usually benign, but a follow-up ultrasound was strongly recommended. Of course, I was extremely concerned but expressed nothing negative to my wife.  Hopefully, her ultrasound results would not turn up anything horrible.

Arrived at Doctor’s Hospital in Iloilo and went to the cashier’s section first and payed P1, 704.04 for the ultrasound (about 39.18 in US Dollars) after receiving a discount of P300.71, and then went to the ultrasound department with our paid receipt.  After a very short wait, my asawa is taken in for her examination. About 20 long minutes later she comes out announcing that the doctor that administered the ultrasound said she was just fine. The results were excellent and showed “no demonstrative solid or cystic masses.” My wife and I were, of course, extremely pleased with the results.  The doctor repeated what the other physician yesterday had said that as a woman ages such mammogram readings as she had gotten are fairly common.

Thanked the doctor’s ultrasound staff and paid a P700 fee ($16.07) for the  physician, grateful for the good news and headed back to “The Compound,” both of us in a much brighter mood than when we had left.  We’re very impressed by the various department personnel of Doctor’s Hospital and staff  and despite the unpleasant experience with the rude doctor, would highly recommend Doctor’s Hospital in Iloilo to anyone without reservation.

Tomorrow a lighter post as I meet the Mormon guys at SM City again, this time at Shakey’s Pizza, but I have a photo of them this time. Plus, as a bonus, a picture of Shakey’s very attractive co-manager!

9 thoughts on “The Ultrasound Results. The Mammogram Verdict

  1. Now there is the good news I was looking for. So glad all ended well.

  2. Dave, yesterday’s article said Melinda got a discount on her mammogram fee and now she got a discount on her ultrasound fee. She must really be a good negotiator.

  3. Good news….that all is well with your asawa…….I would have never guessed that she is 46……she doesn’t look that

  4. As one of the few women commenters, I am thrilled Melissa’s tests all came out great!! As we age, its always something in the back of our minds. Stay proactive in yours and Melissa’s health Dave.

  5. Hi Dave, glad to hear that your wife got the all clear. $50 for mammogram sounds very reasonable, also the ultrasound at $39.18 is very cheap! I had an ultrasound (abdomen though) last month here and that one costs me $179, and I got back about half of that from medicare. In Australia, the public hospitals sends out reminders for free mammograms for women over 50 years, or one can just phone for appointment. Like you, I am also very impatient that I almost walked out of a Doctor’s clinic when I was in PI in 2009. It was first come first served basis, and because we had to drive 2 hour’s from the provinces, it was already 10am when we got there. Luckily the receptionist wrote my name down and kept my line for me, we were able to go out for coffee and come back on time.

    I would advise women of all ages though to practice breast self-examination. This is easily done either in the shower or lying flat in bed. This is something that the PI government can educate the public about and of course it is free. Some cancers though are only detected by mammogram. When I was working in the medical ward, I’ve had patients whose cancers started as the size of a rice grain, but spread out quickly.

    1. You’re welcome Dave. I try to check your posts when I’m on days off (like now 🙂 as you do have some good PI news. Mammogram and cervical cancer screens (pap smears) are most unpleasant. With mammograms, just imagine your breasts being squashed down with a 2kg weight. And that’s just from one spot. They had to do both sides, and top and bottom as well, and that’s for 2 breasts! you guys don’t know how lucky you are 🙂 Pap smears
      is the most undignified in my opinion. If your wife’s family does not have a history of cancer, Dave, the risk is not as high, although doesn’t mean she’s immune. It’s called “pot-luck”, so good on you for encouraging your wife to attend to her health care needs.

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