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Foreigners with long term visas may register up to March 1, 2022

It’s that time of year again for many foreigners in the Philippines. In a recent press release, the Philippine Bureau of Immigration has reminded us “aliens” that we need to make our Annual Report starting January 2022.

One can report in person to any of the agency’s participating offices nationwide.


In an advisory, BI Commissioner Jaime Morente reminded aliens that the annual report is in compliance with the Alien Registration Act of 1950. This Act requires all aliens with immigrant and non-immigrant visas to report to the Bureau within the first 60 days of every calendar year.

Foreigners, who are holders of immigrant and non-immigrant visas and were issued alien certificate of registration identity card (ACR I-Card), are required to make the annual report. Also required to report are refugees and stateless aliens.

“Aliens with long term visas may register up to March 1, 2022,” said Morente. “We have numerous offices nationwide, which are all open to cater to needs of the transacting public, hence there is really no excuse not to comply with this annual obligation,” he added.

Morente also warned that those who fail to report may face fines, visa cancelation, or deportation.

He said that aside from the BI main office in Intramuros, Manila, aliens may also report to the nearest participating BI field, satellite or extension office.

Fully vaccinated clients are EXEMPTED from the Online Appointment System

In addition, Lawyer Jose Carlitos Licas, BI Alien Registration Division Chief, said that aliens going to the BI for their annual report via any immigration office nationwide are required to register with the BI’s online appointment system at

According to a notice on the e-services site “Fully vaccinated clients are EXEMPTED from the Online Appointment System and shall be required to present to security personnel their VACCINATION CARD/CERTIFICATION prior entry.”

Furthermore, when I tried to use this registration site last year, no local offices were included in the options to make an appointment, only the main Intramuros Manila office was listed.

Perhaps the website options have been updated but I am fully vaccinated and I’m not going through the hassle of registering again just to see if local offices are now included.

“Aliens must present their original ACR I-Card and valid passport as well as pay a P300-annual report fee and P10-legal research fee,” Licas said.

Remote AR, according to Licas, may be requested by embassies or foreign groups, and may be considered if the number of reportees exceeds ten individuals.

On the other hand, foreigners who are out of the country during the 60-day period can still make the report within 30 days from the date of their return to the country, so long as their re-entry permits are still valid.

For aliens below the age of 14, Licas said their parent or legal guardian are obligated to make the report for them. Senior citizens and persons with disability are exempted from personal appearance, he added, and may file through a representative with a special power of attorney.

Using an Accredited Authorized Agent

In addition, this year, I am paying an Accredited Authorized Agent to process my Annual Report for an additional 500 peso fee, 10 US dollars.

I’ve had to wait over two hours the last two years just to do my Annual Report at our local Immigration Office. Paying someone to take care of this matter is worth 500 pesos to me.

Moreover, I used the same agent to process the renewal of my ACR-I Card which is due every five years for holders of the Permanent Resident 13(a) Visa. This cost me 2,500 pesos, 50 US dollars, on top of the actual ACR-I Card fees and Express Lane fees, 4,542 pesos, about 91 US dollars.

Again, well worth the extra 50 dollars for the convenience.

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