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New Year. New Property. We Purchase Another Lot in the Philippines [Flashback* 01.01.2015]

My lovely asawa at our new property site in the Philippines

New Year. New property. We purchase another lot in Guimaras, the Philippines, our home for the past five years. My asawa and I both wanted to add to the 7,020 square meters we already own and where we are building our new home. The land, purchased from the brother of the man that we bought our original lot from, is adjacent to our existing lot. The additional lot, 5,478 square meters, will give us a total of 12, 498 square meters, or 1.25 hectares, a little over 3 acres.

The additional land will give my wife more room to plant mango, cashew, papaya, banana, coconut and mahogany trees. Gardening is her hobby and it helps her relax. Doing nothing is my hobby and I’m pretty good at it.

It was a rainy day in Guimaras , our home province in Western Visayas, as the survey crew from Iloilo City, seen in the photos posted on this article, went about doing their work. Five thousand pesos was their fee to survey the lot.

The surveyors had their work done by 11:00 and we headed over to the new Lisa’s Talabahan for lunch. If you’re ever in San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras, make sure you visit the new joint where Lisa the owner is in charge. The original location, sadly,  has gone downhill without Lisa’s guidance and the quality of the food has suffered.

You will never find cold beer at this popular eatery but you will find cheap food and good service.

lisa's talabahan in guimaras has a new location

The New Lisa’s Grill and Talabahan (Oyster) Bar

Earl, the lead surveyor, seen below on the left, delivered our sketch plan for the new property last week. He will do all the title transfer work for P40,000, almost 900 US Dollars, but my asawa and I both think that is too much. Earl stated he can do the title work in only two months.

We are headed to Iloilo next week to confer with an attorney who specializes in land title transfers in the Philippines to see if we can get a better deal.

The survey crew from Iloilo sets up

We received a very fair price on our new property purchase, less than 100 pesos a square meter. The new lot gives us an additional buffer zone between neighbors, the property lies behind our original lot, and as mentioned, gives my asawa some additional space to plant trees, plants and flowers.

survey done on our new property in Guimaras

The new property has prompted my wife to move the proposed location of our new home since she has found an even better view she likes on the new property. That’s fine with me. We haven’t begun digging the foundation yet as we still are waiting on Guimelco to inspect the electrical work on the nipa hut that has been built for my father-in-law.

Being farther away from my noisy father-in-law, Lolo, grandpa,  who is afflicted with dementia and constantly talks to dead relatives, especially Fernando, is a good thing. Fernando was not even a close relative and I have no idea why Lolo invites him to breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

I find Fernando extremely annoying and have told my wife that if this dead relative continues to eat our food without contributing anything, I’m kicking his dead ass out of here whether Lolo likes it or not. Here’s hoping the deceased relation doesn’t make the trek to the new location.

11 thoughts on “New Year. New Property. We Purchase Another Lot in the Philippines [Flashback* 01.01.2015]

  1. Hey Dave, Fernando may be like all the other dead people here still collecting pensions, so don’t be too hard on him. lol

  2. Dave,
    Your going to have your own plantation. The more space you have from the neighbors the better it is. Melinda will have plenty to keep her busy. Does this purchase delay the start of the building?

  3. Hi Dave , that’s cheap land , melinda is just like my wife Emma even on our garden we have here in Manila
    She has plenty of fruit trees , including a grape vine she has plants all over including our garage,
    Only plant she can’t grow is tomatoes , current price of land in our place which is not posh is 15″000 thousand
    A square metre , we bought ours for 8″000 a metre 6years ago , you lucky man
    Derek in pasig .

  4. The 40,000 is high I paid 20,000 to start had to increase another 10 as my fixer had to go to tacloban 3 times ormoc 3 and Cebu 2 times jumping through the hoops to please all the different agency’s and we still don’t have a title 90% of the problem is most of the paper work and old titles where destroyed in tacloban due to Yolanda. Yes these attorneys and fixer have so far tacken care of 5 other buying and selling of properties. As you are probably aware you need to make sure there are no tenants on the property as they also need to be paid. It seems in this country if you have someone taking care of your land planting harvesting even if they don’t live there they need to be compensated for there work. They have a legal counsal known as Aguarians {sp}We bought 15753 sq m for 1,500,000 400,000 of that went to the tenants.Our land is about 11000 sqm under rice we have 2 irrigation ditches going through the land and in 1 corner we have a stream about about 50′ wide If any of your readers need more answers on tenants and the problems I am here to help. Also remember not all owners will tell you of the tenants and you will buy the land then find out you must also pay them. After the tenants signed the agreement of sale and accepting there payment they came back expecting to complete the harvest of the rice we ended up having to bring in the Assistant prosecuting attorney and The barangay captain.

  5. From my experience if there is some on else working the rice field even the son or brother of the owner they could be classified as a tenant and be entitled to money from the sale of the land even though the rice is harvested [one of my brother-in-law’s tried this and we had to agree to pay him per his council] One of the other things we discovered that if someone plants a fruit tree on your land they are entitled to the fruit.

  6. Sorry forgot to mention the cost to do our land was 20,000p for the attorney then because he needed to negotiate and do the paper work on the tenants he charged another 10,000 for this

  7. If you would like I can give you my attorney’s name and # he is in sogod We have used him on at least 5 transactions

  8. I am probably preaching to the choir, but one must also make sure the land does not have any unknown financial debt or encumbrance, such as back taxes from a previous owner.

  9. Hi! Nice to see this site. I am interested to buy a property in guimaras and I only have a limited budget.

    I would like build a small house there so that when we visit Guimaras, we have a place to stay..

    How do I start?

  10. Thanks for your reply. Hope to get details of your agent. I still do not have the time to go to Guimaras. I was searching for lots via internet but I am reluctant.


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