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Our Pretty Pinay Niece’s Pre-Debut Photo Shoot [Flashback* 10.19.2018]

Our niece, DenDen, is turning 18 soon. DenDen is our oldest niece in Guimaras, the island province we call home. As the following pictures will attest, she has grown into a beautiful young woman. At age 18 a Filipina will have a coming-of-age celebration, a debut, an “18 Candles” ceremony, if you will.

Our Pretty Pinay Niece’s Pre-Debut Photo Shoot

In early 2014, my asawa and I attended the debut of a close Filipina relative in Guimaras who turned 18. It was an extravagant event, a Debutante Ball, one of the biggest parties I had ever attended.

The celebration for our niece will be held at our home in the Philippines. It will be the biggest event ever held at our house, outside of our House Blessing. It will be like Christmas and a Fiesta all rolled into one.

DenDen’s “Pre Debut” photo shoot was done by Ken Photography. I’ll have more on the “18 Candles” after the upcoming celebration. Meanwhile, here’s a look at some of the photographs from DenDen’s photo shoot done near  Guisi Beach and Lighthouse in Guimaras:





All photos courtesy of KEN PHOTOGRAPHY

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