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Philippines Pineapple Poop Power [Flashback* 04.17.2017]


I was severely constipated several months ago and felt I needed to share that information with my readers. Why I was compelled to dump such a load and make it public is beyond me. “Philippines Pineapple Poop Power” is a follow-up to that earlier crappy post.

Pineapples and Palm Tree

Philippines Pineapple Poop Power

I’ve been fairly regular since that day where I went five straight days without forcing one single turd out of my fat butt.

Now, I rarely go even one day without exuding any excrement since my visit to our local emergency room in Guimaras.

I owe a lot of my regular bowel movement to my lovely asawa who makes sure I eat a healthy helping of fresh pineapple every day. Though papaya is also recommended to drop some daily dung, I prefer the taste of pineapple.

I can’t even stand the smell of fresh papaya but I can eat it cooked.My spouse goes to our local wet market a couple of times a week and stocks up on fresh fish, vegetables and my pineapple, of course.

There’s a reason various studies show married men live longer than single men; our loving spouses are always looking out for us.

Poop Pushers

According to an article in almonds, bananas, apples, apple juice, beets, blueberry, cranberries, grapes, peaches, oranges, mangoes, prunes, and tomatoes are just some of the foods which have laxative properties. They are very effective in preventing constipation, rather than treating it.

Aside from the aforementioned pineapple, I consume whole grain breads (Gardenia) and oatmeal (Quaker) on a regular basis to help stay “regular”.

I’ve tried prune juice, my dearly-department Grandmother’s mainstay, but hate the taste of it. Whole grain cereals are available at a few supermarkets in nearby Iloilo City, but I usually stick with whole grain rolled oats.

And that’s the latest “poop” on my poop.

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