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Macho Man Gets Manicure & Pedicure at Posh Nails SM Seaside Cebu [Flashback* 05.03.2016]

the kano at posh nails sm seaside cebu

I was in my early 40’s before I went to my first nail salon. A Vietnamese family operated the clip joint at a strip mall in Springfield, Illinois.  A female co-worker who was always stylishly dressed and immaculately groomed recommended the establishment to me. Now when a “macho man” gets a manicure and pedicure for the first time in his life, that’s a big event. But the Central Illinois outlet I went to certainly wasn’t as high-class as the Posh Nails at SM Seaside Cebu that my asawa and I recently visited.

Posh Nails Philippines

(Photo Source: Posh Nails website)

I wear my classic deer-in-the-headlights look in the following photo as I waited for my manicure and foot spa which included a pedicure. My bargain hunting wife and I checked out a couple of outlets before choosing Posh Nails. Two manicures and two foot spas would set us back 650 pesos, almost 14 bucks, but we decided to splurge since we were on vacation.

My asawa only has to pay 250 back in Guimaras for the same services but the nail shack in our home province doesn’t have near the ambiance of Posh Nails let alone the pink and lilac pillows. If my wife opts not to have the foot spa at her local outlet, only a manicure and pedicure, the cost is reduced to 100 pesos, about 2 U.S. Dollars.

the kano at posh nails sm seaside cebu

We almost walked out of Posh Nails, however, when we were told there would be a wait time of 45 minutes. We had just arrived in Cebu City that morning after a 13-hour trip via Cokaliong Shipping Lines and didn’t want to hang around that long.

I politely advised the receptionist that we would have to go somewhere else due to the long wait time but she promised that they “could work something out.”

She was true to her word and we had a quartet of nail technicians waiting on us within five minutes. I was impressed by the excellent customer service, something, frankly, that is not always found in the Philippines or your local Walmart back in the States, either, for that matter.

my lovely asawa at posh nails sm seaside cebu

My lovely spouse was being pampered when I took the above shot. The young ladies working at the establishment were very professional and did a great job. One of the employees even posed for me in the next picture.

the staff at posh nails sm seaside cebu

I recommend a relaxing foot spa. A pile of dead skin almost as big as Mt. Everest was removed from my calloused heels. The pedicurist did not damage my delicate fat feet as she trimmed my dainty toenails. My fingernails and toenails received a clear coat of polish per my request.  I didn’t want to look too flashy.

Upon entering the spa, you are instantly transported to a fancy girl’s bedroom painted in pink, lilac and white complete with comfortable couches, soft pillows and footrests. Not that I know what a fancy girl’s bedroom looks like, I was raised with two younger brothers.

The place is adorned with beaded curtains and chandeliers to incorporate a more feminine touch while relaxing elevator music is played in the background for a soothing ambiance.

posh nails sm seaside cebu

Posh Nails offers ultra luxurious pampering packages for both hands and feet. Among the most in-demand services include the hand spa, hand and arm scrub, foot scrub, foot and leg mask, foot spa, reflexology, Posh spoiling, Basic Refresh, Green Tea pedicure, Coffee pedicure, eyelash extension, Paraffin dip, nail art and waxing

Posh Nails is one of the Philippines’ pioneer in the natural nail care industry. Created by Catherine Ilacad in 2002, Posh Nails introduced a laid back, unique and modern setup to spa addicts young and old alike.

the staff at posh nails sm seaside cebu

So if you’re a “macho man” like me but still like being pampered occasionally, Posh Nails is a great place to visit.  Just close your eyes and block out the pink and lilac color scheme if it bothers you that much and you’ll leave the place feeling better and looking sharper than ever. Even you crusty old expats like me can benefit from a visit.

7 thoughts on “Macho Man Gets Manicure & Pedicure at Posh Nails SM Seaside Cebu [Flashback* 05.03.2016]

  1. Oh my God! It took me five minutes to stop laughing when I saw the first pic. That is absolutely hilarious Dave! You certainly do look slightly uncomfortable, but it is sooooooooo funny!

    I love the fact you try so many different things. When I think of you I certainly do NOT think of a guy that gets pedicures, but good on you. LOL.

    That place does look nice, I am sure Ruby would love it there.

  2. Good day.Almost everyone in Philippines gets their nails done,regardless of gender.Just go with the sweet mellow swing of things in that culture,and be cool.Joe.

  3. I most say our salon that my wife owns and operates here in Lincoln isn’t as flashy as that place. But it is a busy place and most people would be surprised at the number of men who get pedicures. At least a quarter of my wife’s clients are men.Most guys don’t realize that a pedicure is good for your feet it’s not about beautification. Even most athletes get pedicures.
    Some of my wife’s men clients where actually sent to her buy there Doctor. They would go there with foot issues and would be told they should be getting pedicures.
    So glad to see that you are doing that. It is good for you.

  4. Thats something I dont foresee me doing, but once there,,,,who knows. Hope you enjoyed yours, Dave.

    My wife lives in a somewhat small town where she was born, and her family seems to know almost everyone in the town, thousands of them. She has someone that her whole family has used for years to do all there manicures and pedicures, that person comes to there house to do them.

    For the past 2 1/2 years she has lived mostly in Davao where her oldest son is going to college, so she moved there while he attends college for 4 years.) Mothers there baby there sons so much its hard for me to believe it at times), but since she dosent know many people there and to save $4.00 or $5.00 she cuts her nails herself, but she is really bad at it, and is usually limping around for week after working on her feet, rather than finding someplace near her to do it, I have told her repeatedly to go to a nail saloon rather than do it herself, but its like talking to a wall if I say it, few things I say she actually does, even though my success rate on suggestions is getting better all the time. I many times suggest a way of doing something but rather than do it, she does it her way, and many times that way, just doesn’t work so great, then I remind her once again of what I suggested and “if” she tries it, or better yet I actually show her my may works, she will usually tell me she didnt understand how I was describing to do it.

    Internationally, guys are always wrong, women are always right, just ask any woman in any country.

  5. My wife went to cosmetology school in Springfield after graduating she opened up her own salon in Lincoln. she has been in business for 13 years her clients are very sad to hear that she is getting ready to move to the Philippines . Not to brag about how good she is at doing pedicures and manicures. but from the first day she started clients told her she was going to be so busy because she was the best. Guess they were right because her book is filled 2 weeks out from 8 am till 7 pm 6 days a week.
    She got into the business because she didn’t like the way other salons did there service. I guess the biggest downfall is she doesn’t like to go to another salon and get pedicure or manicure she says she can do it herself better.
    Like most people no one ever meets your own standerds on doing the same job.
    There is some road work going on across from are shop. Last week 2 of the workers came over during there lunch and scheduled pedicures . I ask if they get regalur pedicures they said yes and then went on to tell me that it was recommended to them to do pedicures buy a foot doctor.
    Give it a shot guys you might find it very rewarding if you get a good pedicurist that knows what she is doing.

  6. Hi Dave, had my finger nails done years ago when we got married in the Philippines
    I come from a industrial town in northern England were men are men,
    But times they are changing went to the dentist yesterday got my teeth cleaned and
    Polished cost 300 hundred pesos what a bargain, I think people are more likely to get these done especially your feet my father suffered ingrown toenail for years
    And teeth problems because he wouldn’t go to the doctors or dentist thinking about
    Getting my feet done very cheap in Manila , Derek in pasig.

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