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The Tarsier Sanctuary in Bohol [Flashback* 05.10.2016]

tarsier philippines

During a recent tour to beautiful Bohol, we visited the Tarsier Sanctuary. The Philippine tarsier is a species of tarsier found in the Philippines. It can be seen in the southeastern part of the archipelago, particularly on the islands of Bohol, Samar, Leyte and Mindanao. It is a member of the approximately 45-million-year-old family Tarsiidae, whose name is derived from its elongated “tarsus” or ankle bone. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Tarsier Sanctuary in Bohol was one of our day tour’s destinations, though I personally felt it was a mild disappointment. We only had about 20 minutes to walk through the sanctuary. The tarsiers are nocturnal creatures and were fast asleep when we stopped by for our short visit. I wanted to see them with their huge eyes wide open, frolicking in the jungle.tarsier philippines

Tarsier Photo Source: Source: Wikipedia

Tarsier Sanctuary entrance in Bohol

Not the world’s smallest monkey

“The world’s smallest monkey” is often used to describe this very peculiar creature.  However, it is not a monkey. In truth, its classification is somewhat problematic. Some scientists consider tarsiers to be a taxonomic suborder among the primates. While, because they are closely related to lemurs, lorises and bush babies, others classify them with the prosimians to which these animals belong. Monkeys and apes belong to the suborder of anthropoids. (Source: Bohol Philippines)

My lovely asawa at Tarsier Sanctuary

I actually got a better look at the Philippine tarsier after I downloaded these pictures. My wife thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Tarsier Sanctuary and was able to spot them before I could. Maybe the fact that she’s 13 years younger than me had something to do with that. I had a difficult time seeing the creatures even when she pointed them out to me. I think the tarsiers looked like bats sleeping in a tree.

another sleeping Tarsier

No flash cameras were allowed but of course, the technologically-challenged crusty old expat could not figure out how to remove the flash feature on his Sony Cyber-Shot. I took a flash shot and was gently reprimanded by one of the Sanctuary employees who removed the flash feature for me as quick as, well, a flash.  I was able to figure out how to do this own my own later. Never mind I’ve had the camera for almost two years now.

Tarsier Sanctuary

The last shot of the tarsier is cropped and zoomed in but leaves the picture somewhat grainy. But in this photo, you can at least how big the eyes of this creature really are.

Tarsier Sanctuary resident

If you’re going on a day tour of Bohol, the Tarsier Sanctuary, will definitely be on your itinerary. It’s worth visiting, despite the fact that it wasn’t the highlight of my Bohol adventures, in my opinion, but maybe, like my asawa, you will find the visiting entertaining and worthwhile. It takes less than 30 minutes to walk through the sanctuary, just make sure you don’t use your flash like a certain crusty old expat did.

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  1. Hi Dave, we are looking forward to going to Bohol prices still a bit high at the moment, might just book a flight and find somewhere when we get there the river cruise looks good, the tarsiers looks cute got to see the chocolate hills although have seen some comments that people weren’t very happy with the chocolate hills
    Can’t please everybody I think , Derek in a very hot pasig.

  2. I love those guys!My wife says that they’re too cute!Forty-five million year old family,eh?That couldn’t really be a Filipino creature;even as an approximation,that is a way too precise time-line.Joe.

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