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Our New Home in the Philippines is Nearing Completion [Flashback* 05.27. 2015]

floor tile is being laid in our sala

Our new home in the Philippines is nearing completion. Floor tiles are now being laid throughout the house, windows are being installed this week, and once the tile work is completed, our new doors will be installed. The project has been going on for five months now and all indications point to a move-in date in July. 

tiles for our new home in the philippines

The lead photo for this post is taken from our sala, living room, which is an open floor plan containing our dining and kitchen area, seen in the following shot with the kitchen counters and island where our granite counter tops will be placed.

I have received word that our foreman and his crew are installing the wall tiles in our four CR’s, Comfort Rooms, and that the toilets will soon be going in. Brother-in-law Joery is in charge of installing all the bathroom fixtures once his work on the dirty kitchen is completed.

work on the kitchen area continues

The aforementioned dirty kitchen, seen in the following picture, looks like an old-time outhouse to me but it will serve it’s purpose.

the dirty kitchen

In the next picture, Joery is on the far left in blue, Gerry and Gerry’s kid, are in the middle of the picture, and Jon, is inside the chimney. The crew are doing the finishing work over the hollow block structure. Two windows, a door and a sink will be installed after the finishing chores are done.

the crew is doing concrete finishing work in the dirty kitchen

My lovely asawa and foreman Boy are discussing matters on our new ground floor terrace area. Floor tiles will also be installed in this area. My spouse is planning to hang flower pots on the concrete beams that make up the terrace’s ceiling.

my asawa and our foreman have a talk

Here’s a look at the concrete precast work done on the terrace. The precast work is nearly completed and will allow the window installers to do their work.

precast cement work on our terrace

And finally, here’s a view of our front entrance section. Five workers remain on Boy’s crew and Joery’s crew remains at three. I believe July is a realistic moving date, but of course, many more projects will remain once we get settled in.

The interior painting will be done before we move, but I’m not sure at this point whether or not the exterior painting will be done. My asawa and I are both of the same mindset that the completion of the exterior painting is not necessary for us to get into our new abode and start setting up our new household.

The sooner we move, the sooner my father-in-law, Lolo,  will  be in his new nipa hut and the sooner I will be enjoying my morning cup of coffee without having to endure Lolo’s constant conversation with his dead relative Fernando.

My father-in-law’s dementia status remains virtually unchanged. He still carries on morning, afternoon and evening chats with various dead people, in addition to Fernando. Many days he tries to wander outside and wanders over to the front gate to meet Amando, his son who lives in Palawan. As far as we know, Amando has no plans to visit Guimaras any time soon.

Once Lolo is in the nipa hut, far from our kitchen and sleeping area, I will no longer have to listen to his plaintive “singing” which always sounds like a distressed carabao to me. Let’s hope construction on our new home in the Philippines continues to progress.

a look at our front porch in the Philippines

8 thoughts on “Our New Home in the Philippines is Nearing Completion [Flashback* 05.27. 2015]

  1. Lookin’ good man! The lack of rain sure is a mixed blessing for you. Despite having to ship water in, it’s probably helped your timeline 🙂

  2. Very nice Dave, should be a lot cooler with those large windows just thinking have you
    Picked a name for your house, you’ve got a great location there very few neighbours
    Nice and peaceful,should be great on a hot afternoon with a cold beer,
    Derek in pasig

  3. Dave,
    House looks bigger now that it’s nearing completion. We have been getting short rain showers in the afternoon the last few days to cool things off a bit. A good name for your house is the Dewall Hacienda.

  4. hi dave been reading your blog since last year when we are in the Uk I was searching for 13a then and had been hooked. we are back in bacolod city since january 16 this year and had been building our house vis a vis with yours and turn over date is june 2 but ours is smaller 94sqm 2 bed and 2 and a half toilet and bath. And we had it contracted with the architect (design and build) and my husband had been writing a semi blog on it that needs to be published it’ s a nice contrast to your experience and yes we named our house Tenby.

  5. looks like everything is progressing nicly. hope they can have it ready for you to move in july. so i’m thinking the only noise you will have there will be self created when your asawa cranks up the koroke .
    your on my short list of a place to visit….

  6. I plan on building a house in Bohol in 4 years just wondering if you don’t mind when your done how much $$. Should I budget for the build. Thanks Dave love your site

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